I routinely travel to areas that do not have an ATM that's part of my credit union's network of free ATMs but yet I haven't paid an ATM fee in at least 15 years.  And no that does not mean that I just don't have access to the money in my account to whole I'm traveling. 

So how is that possible?  It's actually quite simple.  

  • Visa cash advance.  You can go in to almost any bank out there and ask the teller for a "cash advance against my Visa card". I've never once been charged a fee for this but I did have one bank tell me they had a $50 minimum for this.  I was told once that they weren't "set up to do Visa advances" so I drove to a nearby bank and got my money there. You'll most likely need to go inside though. 
  • Cash back after a sale.  While traveling, there are invariably small purchases that need to be made for the trip.  Things like snacks to eat while traveling.  So go to Walmart or some other store and buy your goods using your debit card and elect to get cash back.  Instead of paying a fee to access YOUR money, you're buying things you would have bought anyway and getting your cash that way.