Protecting your identity is a big part of protecting your money.  The following should help you to do just that. Of course, all the information shown on this page is completely fictional.

The problem with passwords is that they need to be something that you can remember.  But too often, people use something like their birthdate, their mother's name or something simple.  It's relatively simple for most any computer programmer to create a program that will try nearly every imaginable password.  But if you use a random string of numbers and letters, good luck remembering it!

Instead of using a "password", create a "passcode".  Which would be a sentence that you can remember and then "do something" to that sentence to make a shorter string.  For example:

Passcode Password
I went to Thomas Jefferson Middle School. Iw2TJMS
I love my three children. Iluvm3c
My 2 children love soccer. M2cls
Jennifer was my first girlfriend. Jwm1stgf

Password Management
Some websites are more secure than others.  So if you use the same password (passcode) at every site you visit (or even a variation of the same one), if a less secure site is compromised, you're potentially exposed even on the more secure sites.  Try taking your "standard password" and making a variation based on what site you're at.  For example, for banking sites, add 2 characters representing the banks name in the SECOND position of your password.  Let's assume your "standard password" is Jwm1stgf and you're at the Bank of America site.  Your password would be JBAwm1stgf.  For computer general web forums, you might put the special characters in the 3rd place so using the same "standard password", if you're at the web site, your password might become JwPFm1stgf.

I'm sure you get the idea.

Forgotten Password
Most password protected web sites these days have a mechanism to retrieve/reset your password if you've forgotten what your password is.  Many of those use a question and answer system via which you answer a question ahead of time.  When you use this mechanism because you forgot your password, you have to provide the same answer to this question that you gave previously. 

Some of those sites allow you the option to create your own question and answer combination yourself.  These are my favorite because all to often, the questions they provide, either aren't very secure (such as "What is your mother's name" or "Where were you born").  One site I use has six questions available--NONE of them are really valid for me.  So I basically had to make up an answer.  If I forget what answer I gave and can't remember the password, I won't be able to get in.

If they permit you to create your own Q&A combination, choose something that will be extremely difficult to guess and if you can do so and can remember the answer, mispell a word or substitute a number in place of a letter.  Some samples are below . 

The easier it would be for someone to figure out the answers that you gave to these questions, the easier it will be for them to gain access. 

Question Answer
My first girlfriend's name was.... Katie
My first girlfriend's name was..... Jacqu1e
My best friend's eldest daughter's first name is.... Heather
My first car was a.... 1977camaro